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Our Mission

To coordinate and deliver projects in such a way that homeowners and clients actually enjoy their construction or renovation project.


We know that most people think about construction/renovation projects as being "stressful" and "frustrating". At Dwell, we want to turn that old paradigm on its head.  Our goal is to guide our clients through the construction process in a way that simplifies the complexity and allows them to experience the joy and excitement of transforming old and creating new spaces.

We think that the best way to create that experience for our clients is to build our processes around our guiding principles of Craftsmanship, Effective and Thorough Communication, Honesty and Integrity, and Community Orientation.

Our Guiding Principles


We pride ourselves in doing things “the right way” because quality and attention to detail are important to us. Working closely with our vendors and subcontractors, we strive to ensure that the vision of our clients’ is realized using the best materials and quality craftsmanship.

Effective and Thorough Communication

We view our relationships with our clients as partnerships in which frequent and thorough communication is integral to a successful project. We closely coordinate with our clients during every stage of a project to make certain it is a positive experience for everyone.


Honesty and Integrity

This core principle informs all others at Dwell and, in our opinion, is one of the keys to success, not only in running a business, but in life. We are committed to honesty and integrity in our business and building practices and consistently work to partner with subcontractors, vendors, and clients that share these values.   


Community Orientation

At Dwell, we see ourselves as having a responsibility to our community and local economy. However small our role may be, we understand that our business practices affect many people in our community. By adhering to these Core Principles, we know we can have a positive impact on our community. From seeking out local tradespeople and vendors to treating our employees with fairness and humanity, Dwell is committed to enriching the lives of those we work with and the neighborhoods we work in.

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